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Create More Sales Leads

Looking For One-On-One Help With  Growth Strategies?

If you are ready to grow and scale your business, we offer professional help and guidance. Book an informal 30-minute chat about your specific needs to see if we are a good fit.

Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Are you wasting money on marketing campaigns that don't work? Are you tired of working long hours and feel like you are getting nowhere? Are you fed up with not making the profits you want to make? With our Profit Acceleration Assessment and world class E-Learning and  we can give your business the boost you deserve.

We operate differently

Most Business Advisors and Coaches ask a  few questions about your business and give advice about what to do, then perhaps they follow up.

At Strategez for Business, we conduct an analysis of your business using our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software, then leave you with a 17 page report that shows you What to Do, When to Do It and How to Do It.

How we make that happen

In 45-minutes we give you an overview of the potential increased profit and revenue for your business using our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software. You receive a comprehensive report outlining the strategies you need to follow to grow your revenue and profit. Then you have a choice. You can either implement the strategies on your own, or with our help.

When You Are Ready

We Provide You With a Roadmap That Outlines What you need to do. When You Need to do it AND How You need to do it - all with our private one-on-one coaching support.

  • Create Competition-Crushing Marketing Material
  • Generate Immediate Sales
  • Develop Compelling Offers
  • Develop The Entire Sales Process
  • Develop and Grow Your Business and Finance Skills
  • Develop and Grow Your Leadership Skills

Don't know where to start?

In addition to our FREE services, we offer a DIY Implementation Model, Group Coaching and One-on-One Strategy Sessions. Book a time to chat and explore your options. Confidentiality assured.

Who Are We?


I'm  Carolyn Landesman (MBA)

……… I help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively.

If we could help you add an extra $500,000 to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months… without selling more time for money…  What would that mean to you?

As a Business Advisor and Strategist,  I can help you achieve this.

Carolyn has an MBA and is an experienced Business Advisor and Consultant. She's the CEO and Founder of Strategez for Business. With her background in small business ownership and a former senior executive running a multi-million dollar business, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to growing leaders and growing a profitable business.

With years of facilitation under her belt as a Dale Carnegie Trainer, Qualified Sales Trainer, Beyond Success Coach and NLP Practitioner, she understands adult learning. Her advisory style is informative and easy to understand providing you with exceptional resources to grow yourself, and your business where you Learn to Thrive not Just Survive!

The Story

Over the years, I've developed an understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today. As a business development expert, I provide business owners with competition-crushing marketing strategies. To begin this process –  I expose the flaws in marketing that most small business owners fall prey to. You then gain an understanding of why these flaws are stifling the growth of business owners today.

My team and I offer numerous training programs for business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself model. Each video lesson provides a step-by-step approach that enables any business to thrive. Learn how to instantly produce more leads, close more sales and see a dramatic increase in your revenue and profits.

The Problem

Did you know, 80% of business owners barely survive. they often make less than in full time paid employment. They tend to work longer hours, take fewer vacations and can't take sick leave. Many don't have a fully funded retirement plan other than a government pension. At Strategez - we aim to change that and help business owners Learn to Thrive, NOT Just Survive!

The Solution

My team has spent more than 10 years and $2 million dollars developing the world’s first E-Learning Marketing System. This system is currently being used by more than 5,000 small business clients in 50 countries around the world.

The results speak for themselves. Businesses who use our platform help grow their business to multi-million dollar status and beyond.

It’s considered by many of the world’s top business professionals to be the most powerful client attraction program available anywhere today.

If you dream of creating your own multi-million dollar business that feeds your passion to achieve personal, financial, and professional freedom –Lets Chat. During this call, I can show you how to add an extra $10,000 - $100,000 in Revenue in 45 minutes....

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